Poster Presentation

ICEENN 2019 - University of Vienna - Poster Presentations
1090 Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, Building UZA II, open plan stairs D to F
Chunyang Li The effect of food-grade titanium dioxide particles on the bioaccessibility of vitamin D3 under simulated gastrointestinal conditions 1
Carolin Schultz Effect of nanomaterial mixtures on soil enzyme activity in an outdoor mesocosm study. 2
Eric Ostovich Developing an in vitro Model from Daphnia magna to Evaluate the Molecular Interactions of Nanoparticles 3
Amaia Green Etxabe Toxicity and bioavailability of different copper nanoparticles forms to the earthworm E. fetida 4
Nhung Nguyen Effect of Nano-Scale and Micro-Scale Zero-Valent Iron on Inferring Metabolic Pathways in Freshwater Bacteria 5
Riccardo Catalano NanoScreen - Minimizing the risk associated with nanomaterials used in sunscreen at all lifecycle stages 6
Denny Tarnovska Different media study of wheat exposed to silver nanoparticles 7
Nathaniel Clark The dietary bioaccumulation potential of silver from silver nanoparticles, silver sulphide nanoparticles and silver nitrate in Wistar rats using an ex vivo gut sac technique 8
Lars Skjolding Quantifying uptake of metal nanoparticles in individual algal cells using single cell ICP-MS 9
Zhiling Guo Evidence for Particle-specific Contributions to Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-induced Oxidative Stress and Alteration of Energy Metabolism in Rats 10
Becky Curtis Molecular impacts towards Danio rerio after exposure to complex metal oxide battery cathode material lithium cobalt oxide nanosheets; global transcriptomic analysis and corresponding uptake 11
Peng Zhang Nanomaterial transformation driven by nano-bio interaction and the association with their uptake in plant 12
Magdalena Dinkel The challenge of detecting engineered nanomaterials in biological matrices – From sample preparation to characterization via Field-Flow Fractionation 13
Robert Brünjes Multi-Elemental Fingerprint of Gunshot Residues 14
Ariane Donard Measure of TiO2 nanoparticles in food sample with the HR-ICP-MS AttoM. 15
Frederic Loosli Dispersion of natural nanomaterials in surface waters for better characterization of their physicochemical properties by AF4-ICP-MS-TEM 16
Lyndsey Hendriks From single-particle analysis to single-cell analysis by ICP-time-of-flight MS 17
Jonathan Suazo Evaluate phosphorus sorption on volcanic ash soil in the presence of copper and silver engineered nanoparticles: Effect doses of nanoparticles and organic matter content 18
Kamil Nešetril Laboratory and field strategy for renegade nZVI particles 19
Petra Skácelová Introduction to a novel approach using geophysical tools for in-situ investigation of the fate of iron nanoparticles (nZVI) used in nanoremediation 20
Natasha Stoudmann Prospective environmental risk assessment of nanocellulose for Europe 21
Jean-Marc Lacome Methodology for Engineered Nanomaterial Stack Emissions and Ambient Atmosphere: Measurements and Multi-Scale Modeling 22
Gabriela Hul Investigation of Nanoparticle Transport in Soils Using Computer Simulations. Impact of Attachment, Detachment and Aggregate Formation 23
Xiaoran Zhang Effects of Weathering and Rainfall Conditions on the Release of Engineered Nanoparticles from Composite Materials 24
Anita Jemec Kokalj Different Soil Types Affect Silver Bioavailability to Terrestial Isopods to Silver Nanoparticles 25
Gabriel Sigmund Formation and transformation of heterogeneous carbon nanoparticles from environmental sources 26
Aiga Mackevica Application of single-particle ICP-TOF-MS for studying environmental behavior of nanoparticles 27
Clement Layet Impact of Rhizosphere on CuO Nanopesticides transport in soil 28
Marcus Böhm Insights into colloid facilitated transport of Selenium in soil systems with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (fluo-NTA) 29
Miroslav Brumovsky Enhanced Contaminant Removal using Core-Shell Fe-FeS Nanoparticles: Material Aspects, Performance and Ecotoxicity 30
Xie Quan Nanocarbon-Based Membranes with Electrochemical Assistance for Water Treatment Applications 31
Sara Sørensen Comparison of SSD models for environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials – a case study on two reference materials 32
Bettina Liebmann Microplastics in landfill leachates in three Nordic countries 33
Joana C. Prata Small microplastics in water from the Aveiro lagoon (Portugal): using an improved method of sampling and identification 34
Joana C. Prata Uncovering fibers and microplastics in the environment: the case of outdoor and indoor air 35